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2011 Lone Star '29'
Judging Details

At the 2011 Lone Star event, the Dallas Area Classic Chevys have chosen to use the Classic Chevy Club guidelines for the Show-N-Shine judging event.  These guidelines have been carefully developed over the past 30 years specifically for the Tri Five Chevys, and are nationally recognized as the standard in which to judge any '55, '56 or '57 Chevy. 

The following is not a all conclusive listing of the Show Judging to be used at Lone Star '29', just a high level overview.  The first thing that happens in preparation of the judging event is the car has to be classified.  Classes are determined by the number of changes from original that have been made to a vehicle.  From there the vehicle is classed one further step by separating the driven cars from the trailered cars.  At total of 28 classes are possible based on these guidelines for each year.  Everyone has a class, whether it's a car that has been pulled out of a garage after sitting there for 50 years or a full blown race car.  Note - one part of the judging guidelines that we will not observe is the 'Senior Class' designation. 

 One of the major advantages of this judging system is that the car or truck being judged is not in competition with other cars.  It is in competition with the Judging Sheet.

This Judging Sheet has 1000 points assigned to various aspects of the car.  The judge will take away points from each of those aspects if he sees flaws or shortcomings in that area of the car being judged.  Once the car has been judged by more than one judge in each area noted on the judges sheet, the points are totaled and averaged.  To provide consistency, the same judges are all judging and seeing the same cars in a given class.

Once the sheets are totaled and averaged, the car has a final score.  Based on that final score a car will earn one of the following -

850 - 899 Points - Bronze Certificate
900 - 949 Points - Silver Certificate
950 - 969 Points - Gold Certificate
970 - 1000 Points - Platinum Certificate

These are the awards that will be presented from the Lone Star '29' car judging event.. 

Also, we will recognize the 'High Point' car of each class, Best Paint, Best Interior, Best Engine and Best of Show.  A independent panel will determine these awards.

To see some of the judge sheets that are used, here are a few examples (click on the class) -

Full Custom Judge Sheet - (six or more changes from original)

Restored Judge Sheet - (no changes from original)

Modified Judge Sheet - (3 - 5 changes from original)

   These are only three examples - there are 6 major classes, but the judge sheets are similar.  If you would like to learn more about Classic Chevy Judging, order from Classic Chevy International part # 17.63 -Judging Manual.   Click HERE for a link.  This manual is an excellent investment towards your Tri Five Chevy hobby.  Factory specs, identification data, accessories are just a few of the items covered in detail in this manual.

Remember, we will have a 'Display Class' for those not wanting to have their car judged. 

But please give serious consideration to having your car judged as you will learn more about your car and how to make it better than in any other way possible.   And your time spent judging will help you build a better car for yourself in the long term as you carefully look at other cars in the judging event. 

Want even more information about the 1000 point judging system to be used at Lone Star '29'? 
Click HERE for more!

Remember, it's all about enjoying and having a
good time with your Classic Chevy!


 These are the personalized awards to be presented at Lone Star '29' .  In this example, Rick Perry's '56 Bel Air Hardtop is used as the sample and shown with winning his class at each of the 4 levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each winner in the Show N Shine competition will receive this type of photograph of their car in a framed plaque that will be produced by at the event and presented at Sunday evenings Awards Banquet. 

Winning one of these awards will make you proud for showing your Tri Five Chevy at Lone Star '29'!